NFL Pro Bowl: The All-Star game that is lacking the All-Stars

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Pro Bowl

I know what you’re thinking. “Who gives a crap about the Pro Bowl?” I know. Believe me, I’m with you, but I’ve found this recent epidemic interesting to write about.

Has anyone else noticed all these players dropping out of the Pro Bowl (particularly quarterbacks) due to “injury?” In the last few days, players like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger, and LeSean McCoy decided to skip the Pro Bowl. Which has forced substitutes like Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Allen Robinson, Chris Ivory, and T.Y. Hilton to replace them.

Can I say something real quick? It’s complete hogwash that both Taylor and Bridgewater get to be considered an “All-Star.” Those quarterbacks had 34 passing touchdowns combined. I’m shaking my head somewhere thinking about that as you read this.

Anyway, this is what is wrong with the Pro Bowl. It’s an All-Star game that is lacking the All-Stars. Why? Because it’s a young man’s game. The players don’t feel like suiting up again to play a meaningless game. I don’t blame them, the Pro Bowl is a joke.

The Pro Bowl has become a young man’s game because it gives the younger, hungry players a chance to show their stuff in front of a TV audience. An audience that probably hasn’t had much of a chance to see them play. It’s similar to when you’re on a long road trip with your parents and they hand you the keys to the car down the home stretch, and you relish the opportunity. You’re hungry to start driving and your parents can’t wait for you to relieve some of the stress.

These veterans can’t wait for the season to be over once they’re eliminated from a chance to win a Super Bowl. They’re basically throwing these younger players a bone. However, this poses a problem. I remember as a kid I loved watching the Pro Bowl because it was the best players in the game on the same field. I don’t remember the top-tier players shaking their head andsaying “nah, I’m good” when it came to the Pro Bowl. Nowadays, you have mediocre players that get to replace the real All-Star.

You don’t see that in baseball. The outcome of the MLB All-Star Game actually means something (it’s home-field advantage in the World Series for those that don’t know). What’s the point in having the Pro Bowl if the best players won’t be there? It’s time to get rid of the game, Rodger Goodell.

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Shane Price
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