College football: My Final 4 after week 11

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CFB Playoff

The College Football Playoff Committee is about to come out with their third set of rankings tonight. I think it’s finally time that I came out with my own final four, and my first four out. My plan is to do this weekly until the playoff is officially announced after the last week of the regular season. I’ll also throw in New Years Six bowl predictions. Check it out:

Final Four:

Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.
Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.

1. Clemson (10-0)

Clemson was an impressive team a few weeks ago, they’ve hit a small bump recently. Still, I think the Tigers have been the most impressive team I’ve seen this season. They have an effective offense, and a pretty good defense. For the most part, they’re dominating the competition in the ACC. I expect Clemson to remain undefeated going into the ACC Championship. Until the better teams in the Big 12 start playing each other, I’m going to stand by that Clemson is the best team in the country.

Alabama running back Derrick Henry.
Alabama running back Derrick Henry.

2. Alabama (9-1)

Alabama is by far the best team in the SEC. However, I don’t think that’s saying much this season. The SEC has been incredibly weak. Alabama has been dominating the competition in the SEC outside of the lone loss to Ole Miss back in September. This Alabama team is solid at every position but quarterback. That’s good enough to win the SEC this year, but I don’t think it’ll be good enough if they make the playoff.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett.
Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett.

3. Ohio State (10-0)

I haven’t been impressed with Ohio State at all this season. This ranking is more of a “I know what they’re capable of, but they’re not performing to that level.” Ohio State is the most talented team in the country and they’re the reigning national champions. For whatever reason this team just isn’t gelling together. We’re about to see if this Ohio State team is for real because their next two games are against Michigan State and Michigan. The Buckeyes have a great chance of moving up if they can win those games and the Big Ten Championship.

Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah.
Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah.

4. Oklahoma State (10-0)

Oklahoma State is not your typical Big 12 stereotype. The Cowboys play really good defense and don’t rack up points offensively in a hurry (even though they’re capable of it). They destroyed TCU two weeks ago, but has received criticism because they had to come from behind to defeat Iowa State on Saturday. Don’t look into that game against Iowa State at all. It was a simple hangover from a big win against TCU. Oklahoma State is a team to watch out for going forward. The Cowboys have both Baylor and Oklahoma at home in their last two games.

First Four Out:

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.
Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

5. Oklahoma (9-1)

Oklahoma had a very impressive road win against Baylor on Saturday. Oklahoma also plays solid defense. Oklahoma had a bad loss to Texas in October, while that’s a very bad loss I don’t think you can look into it. Texas was desperate for a win and Oklahoma wasn’t. That loss has a good chance of holding the Sooners back if they’re in a good position to get in the playoff. Oklahoma will need a lot of help to get in, but they’re a good team. I can’t wait for Bedlam, that game will decide the Big 12 champion.

Notre Dame running back C.J. Prosise.
Notre Dame running back C.J. Prosise.

6. Notre Dame (9-1)

Notre Dame has had a ton of injuries this season, but they keep winning games. The Irish are one of the most talented teams in the nation. I wonder how good this team would be if they were healthy. They’ve only lost one close game to Clemson, who is probably the best team in the country. Notre Dame’s last game is against Stanford, if they win that game they’re almost a lock for the playoff. I almost want that to happen because then I can’t wait to hear the reasons why Notre Dame deserves to be in the playoff over the Big 12 champion, even though Notre Dame also doesn’t have a conference championship. Don’t get me wrong I think Notre Dame is a good team, but I don’t think they’re as good as whoever will come out of the Big 12 as the champion.

Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook.
Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook.

7. Michigan State (9-1)

Michigan State suffered a bad loss to Nebraska two weeks ago. The Spartans haven’t been very impressive this year. They’ve struggled in just about every game this season. Like with Ohio State, this ranking is a more “I know what they’re capable of.” Michigan State is a good team with a lot of talent. I expect them to give Ohio State a run for their money on Saturday. At the bare minimum, I think they have a great chance of getting a New Years Six bowl.

Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri.
Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri.

8. Iowa (10-0)

Iowa is lucky that I have them this high. Their schedule has been awful and I’m not sold on the Hawkeyes at all. However, I’m still giving some respect to Iowa. It’s always a tough task to be undefeated. I think Kirk Ferentz is a great coach and he has built a solid program at Iowa. If Iowa goes into the Big Ten Championship undefeated they’re a lock for a New Years Six bowl game. I don’t think they’ll beat whoever comes out of the Big Ten East division though.

New Years Six Bowls:

Rose: Iowa vs. Stanford
Fiesta: Houston vs. Baylor
Cotton: No. 3 Ohio State vs. No. 2 Alabama
Sugar: Oklahoma vs. Florida
Peach: Notre Dame vs. Michigan State
Orange: No. 4 Oklahoma State vs. No. 1 Clemson

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