The NFL Got it Right with Brady


It was announced yesterday that the NFL decided to uphold Tom Brady’s four game suspension. I’ll be honest, I’m a little shocked that it wasn’t reduced. Before I get into my opinion, I’m going to go ahead and say that I can’t stand Brady and the entire Patriots organization. So, take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I think the NFL got it right. Unless you’re a die-hard Patriots fan, you ought to know that Brady knew something about the footballs being deflated in the 2015 AFC Championship Game. I won’t say that he’s guilty of the actual act, but I think he definitely knew something about it. I mean the fact that he destroyed his cellphone should be proof of that.

Brady’s a smart guy and I’m sure that he has some of the best lawyers for his defense. I can’t imagine that his lawyers told him to destroy his cellphone if they knew he was innocent. All of them ought to have had the state of mind to keep the phone just in case the suspension didn’t get reduced. I don’t believe Brady for one second. I understand that the NFL never asked for his cellphone, but if he’s innocent Brady and his legal team should’ve kept it as evidence in case it went to federal court.

Now that the case is going to federal court, Brady would have to give up that cellphone. The only problem is that that phone is now destroyed and they can’t retrieve the data from it. Brady has no way to prove he’s innocent. Also, the NFL will now use that as circumstantial evidence against him. I don’t see how Brady will win in federal court. The best chance that he had to have his suspension reduced or abolished was with the NFL. I imagine that the federal court will side with the NFL.

Reason one, because Brady admitted to destroying his cellphone, which doesn’t look good for him. Reason two, is that under the 2011 NFL CBA, that gave the NFL commissioner the right to hand out punishments for players. That right was agreed to by the players. Since Roger Goodell is commissioner, he has the right to hand out whatever punishment he thinks is necessary. The federal court will see that and I’m not sure there’s anything Brady can do to sway the court’s mind.

Brady’s only argument is pretty much the fact that everyone in the NFL deflates footballs and he thinks Goodell’s punishment is ridiculous because there’s no precedent of punishment for deflating footballs. Like I said above, I think Brady’s best chance for abolishing his suspension was with the NFL. I don’t see how he could win in a court of law. Shut up, and take your punishment. Four Sundays doing something with Gisele would sound damn good to me.

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Shane Price
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