“New” NBA Free Agency Market Involves Organizations Throwing Money Around

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It’s been an interesting NBA free agency. Wow! There have been some shocking contract offers to say the least. Here’s a list of some of the most head scratching deals that I’ve seen:

Goran Dragic – 5-year/$90 million with the Miami Heat
Reggie Jackson – 5-year/$80 million with the Detroit Pistons
Robin Lopez – 4-year/$54 million with the New York Knicks
Brandon Knight – 5-year/$70 million with the Phoenix Suns

Do you know how many NBA All-Star appearances are amongst those four players?

Zero, but they’re still making star money.

That’s a total of $294 million invested in players who haven’t had a single appearance in the NBA All-Star Game. Here’s a list of players who had “surprising” contracts, but will be worth it:

Jimmy Butler – 5-year/$90 million with the Chicago Bulls
Kawhi Leonard – 5-year/$90 million with the San Antonio Spurs
Draymond Green – 5-year/$85 million with the Golden State Warriors

Those four players have a combined $265 million invested in them and Butler is the only one of those players that has been an All-Star. However, they’re worth the money. Leonard was NBA Finals MVP last year and Green played a crucial part in Golden State’s title run just a few weeks ago. Even though these are the future stars of the NBA, that’s a lot of money.

Of course, the biggest news of NBA free agency is that the New Orleans Pelicans re-signed Anthony Davis to a 5-year/$145 million contract extension. That will make him the highest paid player in NBA history starting next year.

LaMarcus Aldridge was the biggest name on the market this year and the San Antonio Spurs got him fairly cheap. Aldridge signed a 4-year/$80 million to leave Portland for San Antonio. I added this deal because I think it’s ironic. Aldridge was the best player on the open market and he got a cheap deal.

I understand that the NBA salary cap goes up dramatically next year due to the TV money in the new CBA, but these teams have to start knowing how to manage a high salary cap. They’re just giving money away.

patrick star

I actually applaud the agents for manipulating the system and getting their clients these deals. I thought the NFL free agency was bad, but the NBA is only going to get worse next year.

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