Pete Rose Still Belongs in the Hall of Fame

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– Samwise Gamgee, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)


New evidence came to light on Monday that proved that Pete Rose, former Cincinnati Reds All-Star, had gambled on baseball games as a player. Prior to this, Rose had only admitted to gambling as a manager.

I don’t know if it was official, but it seemed like Rose was taking the appropriate steps to get back into Major League Baseball. Rose has been banned from the MLB since 1989 because of his gambling accusations. Some analysts and baseball experts believed he had decent chance of getting it done and (possibly) finally get elected into the MLB Hall of Fame. Rose currently holds the record for the most career hits by a player with 4,256. Rose was also a 17 time MLB All-Star, won three National League batting titles, and won three World Series championships.

With this recent evidence that Rose gambled as a player, many of those baseball experts have flipped their opinion and now claim that Rose has zero chance at the Hall of Fame. I won’t argue their point. Baseball is very old fashioned and Rose broke the cardinal rule of the sport. I understand that, but I think it’s silly.

My reason for that statement is that Rose never bet against the Reds, he only bet that the Reds would win. Other than the fact that it’s against the rules of baseball, I don’t see problem with that. It’s not like Rose was point shaving and played poorly on purpose. Just put the man in the Hall of Fame already.

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