A-Rod Having Milestone Season, Too bad it’s Meaningless

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Alex Rodriguez is the most hated player in baseball. Everyone ought to know by now that Major League Baseball suspended Rodriguez for the entire 2014 season due to violating the league’s Performance Enhancing Drugs policy.

Like the title says, Rodriguez has had a pretty good bounce back season so far this year. Rodriguez has a batting average of .277 and has hit 13 home runs. He’s also surpassed some prestigious milestones. Rodriguez hit his 3,000th hit just the other day and also drove in his 2,000th RBI the week before.

It’s been a historic season so far for A-Rod, but it’ll be meaningless in the long run.

Rodriguez destroyed any chance of immortality in baseball when he got caught up in his PED scandal almost two years ago. Any time a player’s name has been attached to any kind of steroid use in baseball, the MLB “blacklists” (I use that term loosely) them from baseball.

Just look at former players like Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds. All of those players were Hall of Famers before they were accused of taking steroids. I’m not saying they’re guilty, but those players have been on the Hall of Fame ballot for a few years now and they haven’t come close to getting in.

In order to get elected into the MLB Hall of Fame, a player must have at least 75 percent of the total votes. Clemens is the one that has come closest to 75 percent, receiving 37.6 percent in 2013.

Back to A-Rod, I will admit that 2,000 career RBI’s and 3,000 career hits is an amazing accomplishment. However, A-Rod’s reputation has been forever tarnished in the baseball community. He’ll never come close to the Hall of Fame, so his accomplishments are pretty meaningless at this point.

It’s a shame too because A-Rod is 39 years old. He could probably play another three to five seasons. He could break several more milestones before the end of his career.

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