UAB Football: They Should’ve Killed the Program

Movie Quote of the Day:

“Blue, how come there’s no ice in my lemonade?”

– Frank Ricard, Old School (2003)


It was announced yesterday by University of Alabama-Birmingham president Ray Watts that the university was “taking steps” to reinstate the football program. This decision comes six months after Watts disbanded the program.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that UAB is beinging back their football program. I didn’t like that they cut the program to begin with. However, I think that it’s going to end up being a mistake.

My first point is that UAB basically gave the football program the “death penalty.” Although, it’s no where near to the degree as SMU in 1987.

I say that because all of the players have either graduated, moved on, or transferred from the program. Not only that, but the coaching staff has left to take other jobs.

UAB football is going to have to start over again as a program. This is a shame because the program looked to be heading on the right path in Bill Clark’s first year. Clark won six games last year as head coach. That probably doesn’t sound impressive, but the UAB football program had only won a total of 12 games in the previous four seasons before Clark.

My second point is that I’ve lived in Alabama for about 15 years, and I can say from experience that the only football that people care about in the state is Alabama and Auburn. No other school in Alabama can compete with those schools.

After taking 24 house to digest this news, I think UAB is delaying the inevitable. There’s no way UAB will be able to keep a football program. It’s expensive and I doubt they’ll have money to finance it in the future.

A lot of students and alumni made a fuss about the UAB administration cutting the program. Well, they got what they wanted and now I expect them to show up for games and donate money to the program.


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