Deflategate & Brady Suspension

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My apologies for my lack of posts the last few weeks, my last post being on April 30 for the 2015 NFL Draft. During the last few weeks, I had finals to study for, then I had to move out of my apartment, then I traveled to my hometown to see my little brother sign to play college baseball, and then I traveled back to West Virginia to graduate from WVU. Now, I’m back in my hometown to watch my brother graduate from high school.

It’s been a crazy few weeks and sure enough there’s been some big news in the sports world. For instance, the Deflategate scandal with the New England Patriots.


I assume by now people have heard about Deflategate. The biggest question I have for the New England Patriots is why? Why deflate those footballs? They were easily the better team than Indianapolis in that AFC Championship. I really don’t see the need to deflate footballs. I think they would have won that game regardless.

Now, as for New England and Tom Brady’s punishment, I think Roger Goodell got it right. Both punishments seem fair to me. It’s been announced that the Patriots will accept their punishment from the NFL that included a $1 million fine and loss of a few draft picks.

Brady is appealing his four game suspension, but I’m not sure he’ll win. Goodell has always put the integrity of the game ahead of all else during his time as commissioner. New England cheated and Brady reportedly knew about it, they covered it up. This is a big deal to Roger Goodell. I’m going to be shocked if Brady gets his suspension shortened to two or three games.

The only other alternative that I would have accepted for Brady’s suspension is if Brady was suspended for three regular season games, and a playoff game if New England made it to the playoffs. I think that would be a fair punishment since Deflategate occurred during a playoff game

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