Most Likely Trades on Draft Night

First off, before I get started on my post today. I want to take a moment to congratulate my little brother, Cory Price, on accepting a baseball scholarship to the University of Alabama-Huntsville! I couldn’t be prouder of you baby bro! I can’t wait to see you transform your game at the collegiate level! I look forward to keeping the West Virginia-Alabama pipeline alive and wearing the royal blue and white colors of UAH! Go Chargers!


Movie Quote of the Day:

“I’m a peacock, You gotta let me fly!”
– Terry Hoitz, The Other Guys (2010)

Less than a week until the 2015 NFL Draft. I know I can’t wait, this event is always one of my favorite moments of the sports year. I love seeing which players get drafted where. In today’s post, I’ll be going over the most likely trade scenarios to occur in the 1st Round next Thursday. Some of these will be obvious if you’ve been paying attention to the NFL offseason.


1. San Diego Chargers trade QB Philip Rivers and future draft picks to the Tennessee Titans #2 pick to draft QB Marcus Mariota

I know there hasn’t been much conversation about this possibility, but I think it’s higher than people think. I know that it looks like Chip Kelly is going to trade the house to draft his former quarterback when he was at the University of Oregon. I also know that Cleveland has a lot to offer, with two 2015 1st round picks, to trade up and get Mariota.

Rivers is set to be a free agent next year and he has already declined to negotiate with the Chargers for a contract extension. I really believe if San Diego moves to Los Angeles next year, Rivers won’t return to the Chargers. If Rivers doesn’t want to be there, if I’m the San Diego general manager, I’m not letting Rivers hit the open market. I’d rather get something out of him rather than nothing. If Rivers doesn’t want to be there, you need to draft his successor. I think San Diego has more to offer Tennessee than both Cleveland and Philadelphia. A Pro Bowl quarterback, and some upcoming 1st round picks. If I’m Tennessee, I’m taking that all day long. I don’t care what Cleveland or Philadelphia have to offer. None of those offers are going to give you a quality quarterback like Rivers.

Rivers would be a great fit in Tennessee. Rivers is from Alabama, so Nashville isn’t far away. He’s familiar with Ken Wisenhunt and his system from when Wisenhunt was the offensive coordinator at San Diego. Acquiring Rivers will automatically boost Tennessee to second place, behind Indianapolis, in the AFC South.


2. Miami Dolphins trade up to the Chicago Bears #7 pick to draft WR Kevin White

I’m a believer in Ryan Tannehill, but he needs some new toys in this offense. This Miami offense is already so close to being a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. They need another playmaker. Jarvis Landry looks to have a bright future at the slot receiver position, they acquired Kenny Stills and Greg Jennings this offseason, but Miami needs a big body on the outside.

This Miami receiving corps is not very big and White can be that big body outside receiver they need. He’d be a great fit in that pass happy offense. Adding White makes Miami a serious contender against New England in the AFC East.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers trade up to the San Francisco 49ers #15 pick to draft SS Landon Collins

I said two years ago that Pittsburgh had to get younger in their defense and they did in the draft last year. Now, this defense has a lot of holes to fill. The biggest is the strong safety position now that Troy Polamalu has retired. Collins is the obvious candidate to replace Polamalu. He’s hands down the best safety in this draft class.

Collins is a great fit in Pittsburgh. He ran the 3-4 defense when he was at Alabama, so he ought to be able to pick it up quickly in training camp. Pittsburgh’s defense still has a long way to go to get where they were when they won those Super Bowls, but drafting Collins will put them much closer.


4. Carolina Panthers trade up to the Houston Texans #16 pick to draft OT Andrus Peat

There is a glaring hole at the left tackle position on the Carolina Panthers offensive line. Cam Newton about got killed last season. Peat is a future All-Pro left tackle in this league. Carolina desparately needs him. Carolina has to protect their franchise quarterback.

Peat will automatically improve this Carolina offense. He’ll be able to give Newton time to throw to Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen. That defense is already stout in Carolina. I think adding Peat will lock up the NFC South for Carolina.


5. Dallas Cowboys trade up to the Cincinnati Bengals #21 pick to draft RB Melvin Gordon

DeMarco Murray is now in Philadelphia. Darren McFadden is not the long term solution in Dallas by any means. Dallas is expected draft a running back early in this draft, but the question is when will they do it?

I don’t think Dallas should trade up to get Melvin Gordon. This is a deep running back class in this draft. Dallas can draft anyone they want in this draft and they will probably be a 1,000 yard rusher behind that Dallas offensive line. However, this just seems like a Jerry Jones thing to do.

Obviously, this would be a fantastic fit in Dallas. I think Gordon is going to be a better pro than Murray. Hard to imagine what Gordon would be able to do behind that offensive line. Having Gordon in Dallas will probably be enough for Dallas to keep their NFC East title.

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Shane Price
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One thought on “Most Likely Trades on Draft Night

  1. BOLD, BOLD, BOLD!!! But you did a great job with the NFL schedule. Bet your bottom dollar I’ll be watching on draft night to see where these may fall in.


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